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Who we are

We aim to increase the number of women working in computing and technology in Tanzania. Our programmes focuses on what Tanzania can do to close the digital gender skills gap and better meet the needs of a rapidly changing local and global job market. And our programmes are designed to be relevant, engaging, insightful and empowering. We are able to achieve our vision and mission by working and patterning with aligned key stakeholders from the public and private sector and both local and international to advocate for and implement strategies for involving more girls in STEAM.

Stats Here Are Our
980 Girls Inspired
50 Projects Created
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the gap

A huge percent of girls are still not considering computer and other tech related careers as 'not for them'. A lot of girls are left out whenever someone says tech because they feel that it as either hard or in the more sad cases 'for the boys'.

Our Objectives

Build digital capacities among girls and young women
  • Invest in digital literacy, confidence and skills development for women and girls
  • Encourage girls’ participation in STEAM careers
  • Support development of digital content applications and services by and for women
Mentor and Expose girls and young women to technology and Innovation careers
  • Support internship and volunteering opportunities on ICT and innovation among girls and young women.
  • Run exchange program to strengthen national and International cooperation in ICT and innovation.
  • Support creation of media platforms for capturing and sharing good practices in ICT and technology.
Foster and accelerate Tech- businesses by young women
  • Create innovative spaces for young female innovators.
  • Run ICT and innovation acceleration program for young women
  • Support innovative start-ups by female founders.
Advocate for gender responsive strategies and policies aiming at closing digital gender gap
  • Promote development of affordable technologies to increase public access to information and services.
  • Champion for data and M&E tools around gender equity and ICT inclusion
  • Promote women recruitment, retention and promotion to decision making positions in the technology sector.

Our Values


Our Focus Approach

Spark Girls Interest

We will tackle this with four components; Deepen girls’ hands-on computing experience through creating opportunities to generate enthusiasm among young girls by introducing them to coding in fun ways through basic coding experiences. Changing girls’ perception of computing by making computing fun and supporting efforts to establish girls coding clubs and utilization of computer labs (cLabs) at school and at the broader national level to tackle stereotypes. We will also support parents and teachers in understanding the wider role of computing through our ‘Coding Teachers’ program and parents STEAM guide manual. Finally we will build the capacity of young tech journalists by working with the media industry to change the narrative of computing and coding in the media and by working with community, national and international traditional and new media to create a network of Tanzanian tech journalists to inspire girls to pursue career in STEAM.

Sustain Girls' Engagement

This approach entails three component; Designing secondary school computing courses that appeal to girls, then champion for the increase of the availability of computing and coding studies in all public and private schools after piloting our model curriculum that features computing courses. Secondly create grassroots campaigns to motivate peer group action by the creation of grassroots action through partnering with the government and conduct industry-driven branded campaigns designed to dispel the myths about computing, so as to motivate girls to pursue STEAM. Thirdly is attracting more men and women STEAM teachers by inspiring STEAM teachers. We will work to advocate for the increase of STEAM women teachers in secondary schools, and provide role models for girls. We will also build their capacity in preparing for their lesson plans, with real-world examples of how computing is transforming various industries.

Inspire Young Women Toward Steam Careers

Develop and run female students’ immersion programmes through offering undergraduates in colleges and universities an opportunity to participate in holiday immersion programmes to experience the computing/coding and innovation world. Their programs will focus on skills such as intensive instruction in computer gaming, web and mobile app development and introduction to electronics and making and exposure to speakers, demos, workshops, and presentations from female engineers and entrepreneurs; field trips to technology companies, start-ups, and academic institutions. We will also create female mentorship and role model programmes, of which we will develop and run a mentorship program - involving top female executives, entrepreneurs and engineers who will provide career and academic mentorship; we will also coordinate volunteering and internship opportunities for girls to get exposed to the tech world.

Support Young Female Innovators

Establish national and regional innovation spaces for young female innovators, we will run Binti Hub, a Tanzanian business tech program and work with colleges and universities across Tanzania to establish Binti Hub. Binti Hub will consist of innovative spaces and labs that will aim to impact female run startups. We will also develop a national based acceleration program for young innovators, the acceleration program will be for three months with students meeting experts and mentors to help them develop their ideas, projects and research further and the best idea from the program will receive seed funds and continuous support to scale up.

Champion Gender Responsive Strategies and Policies

Advocate for digital inclusiveness, by championing gender perspective in global, regional and national ICT strategies, policies, plans, and budgets. This includes active involvement of women throughout the design, implementation and monitoring of strategies and policies. We will also work to ensure that existing policies are reviewed for gender responsiveness. We will partner with the government to see that Tanzania implements data, monitoring and evaluation tools around gender equality and ICT, including for measurement of access and use, and also invest in research and analysis to assess the impact of ICT for gender equality and women’s empowerment. We will work to ensure that women and girls have affordable access to ICT in line with global targets, with particular attention paid to women in rural areas.

Our Programs


Girls In ICT

The Girls in ICT program was launched in 2016 and it introduces and equips secondary school students with basic coding skills and Information Technology education through its training and mentorship programs. The program targets girls aged 13-19 years from public secondary schools in Tanzania. Girls in ICT also equips public school teachers with ICT skills and coding skills.
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Short Courses

The Short Courses or Hackathons take place during Open Data Day and Innovation Week. Participants create animations and use open data and visualization to speak on issues faced by young girls. Among the addressed issues are ;sexual violence against children, early marriage and teen pregnancies, gender-based violence, school dropout, health, education, hygiene and sanitation.
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Holiday Camps

The holiday camps are learning camps that are planned in such a way that they intersect with the school holidays. They normally have a duration of one to two weeks and focus on providing young girls with programming and ICT skills. Together with that the participants for these camps also learn on self development skills, design thinking skills and public presentation skills.
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She Codes Alumni

Rhoda Mwombela

Rhoda first got involved with shecodes late June 2015, she is now the lead Digital Marketting specialist at IPF Softwares. She is passionate about fusing modelling, hip hop and code on a daily basis and this makes us really proud. Go Rhoda!


She Codes Alumni

Rhoda Mwombela

Rhoda first got involved with shecodes late June 2015, she is now the lead Digital Marketting specialist at IPF Softwares. She is passionate about fusing modelling, hip hop and code on a daily basis and this makes us really proud. Go Rhoda!

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