Launching SHE Codes by

Shecodes Team
Published On: 09-12-2015

“I want to prove to the Community that girls can also make wonders, and technology is the proper tool to do it”- Mwanaima Omary, 19 years.

Despite advances over the years in education, young girls in Tanzania face unique barriers and challenge that prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Young girls face distinct obstacles in their lives including the patriarchal system and forms of discrimination as it relates to education and career paths. Compared with boys of the same age, adolescent girls are considered more marginalised due to lessened opportunities to help themselves advance in equal foot with the male counterparts in the tech field.

SHE Codes For Change have marked a huge solution in Tanzania by Launching the first mentorship program that is designed to nurture young girls to develop interest in science, technology and engineering at early stage of their careers through basic coding skills. Historically this is usually a field that has been traditionally dominated by men the world over and more so in Tanzania. At SHE Codes for Change we believe that our young sisters’ participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) studies is a pivotal catalyst for development and positive change in the community and nation at large. When young girls receive excellent education they are well equipped at better position to be part of solution bringers in problems surrounding themselves and community at large, our project inspires young Tanzanian girls to make positive contributions to fight the patriarchal system that is rooted deep in our society and defy the odds. The bridge for the gap now is to ensure the young Tanzanian girls can also stand equal chance and prepare them to become successful tech inventors and innovators of different issues for change.

SHE Codes For Change mentorship program aims to expose Tanzanian girls realize to their potential in the world of STEM. Girls are exposed to the basic coding tools and taught good coding practices, they are given tracks to choose gaming, apps development or making. With this mentorship our young sisters are granted an opportunity to develop their own projects and finally pitch their projects in front of parents, trainers and the general public. We are excited to be part of influencers for tech girls who are set to bring about technological revolution in Tanzania.