Eat books by

Published On: 17-12-2015

One day I was so tired and exhausted, I decided to go breeze. It was hot and burning but I had a lot in mind. Moving to the beach I had options, though to take a public bus was the best option. While riding I saw something amazing. A kid struggling to read a novel in the crowded bus. It was not just amused but I thought of it broadly. Watching her reading I thought how could here concentrate and adapt.

As I saw the young one reading the book so tentatively it reminded me of the passion to read books. Suddenly looking at the child I got a snap into mind. I thought how we could help the young ones to have the aura to read and study. As the country, we have made great strides in increasing the number of young ones in school, teachers struggling to expand knowledge. These are good steps to fight disease, poverty and ignorance. Also we should move forward and think about how we can ensure that, “Education is the key to a better life for all Tanzania”

The biggest thing that unveiled in mind was the curriculum. The curriculum that affiliates with the needs of society. Providing the direction of national education with interest in different field such as science and technology. There have been views within the society that the current curriculum does not meet the needs of the large community of Tanzania. We have many resource in our country I propose we use them to bring up a conducive strategy. Success of innovative development and the ability of children to love reading and study in order to thrive and be creative.