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Published On: 17-12-2015

It’s been two weeks since the launching of ‘She Codes for Change’. A girl mentorship programme driven by the vision to make young girls fall in love with Technology, especially with respect to app development, coding and robotics and mechatronics. I can see the excitement on the faces of these young girls, as they wait impatiently be introduced into this new world of computers and weird electronics. Talking to these young women left me inspired,

“I feel lucky to be one among Tanzanian girls who have got this rare chance to get knowledge about coding. I am very happy and I cannot explain it but just feel it. I am sure that when the program ends I will be able to competent in coding skills”- Rhoda Mwombela

“For few days that am attending I get knowledge about computer programming. Am be emphasized and influenced by those teachers about computer engineering. Especially when they inspire us that is not hard to achieve being a computer engineer. So after this project I hope that I will be more influenced and gain more knowledge about computer programs.”- Salha Abdallah

“At first I heard the advertisement through Clouds FM, I thought that I heard differently but I was right. The program is real enjoyable and make me to think critically with a lot use of energy. My expectation after this program is to be an equipped young programmer related to the studies am taking dreaming to be a radiology. This implies the use of computers and medicines which is basically based on Science and Technology.”-Maria Happymark

“Most of the people thought that girls are poor in computer skills but that is a wrong perspective on a girl. We are strong as no one can imagine, am so blessed being at SHE Codes mentorship program”- Herrieth Mtunga

“The program has led to inspiration on apps development and so am hoping to develop one of my own. With this inspiration am going to be a great ambassador to fellow community members understand and have eye on science and technology”- Paulina Mapunda

“The program is very good for me because am very comfortable and enjoying all the mentorship program. I have a dream to be a medicinal, I do know that the technology is growing every here and then. My expectation is to be flexibly, having skills on how to control the machines in my field of work.” I wish everyone could have the moment of seeing the girls how they are happy to participate in mentorship program. The opportunity does exist. If industry, Government, teachers, Scientists, Technology Expert and parents can come together we can make the changes needed to get more girls in to STEM and more in global technology.