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Published On: 17-12-2015

As a society, we learn about the world and advance our wellbeing through science, technology, engineering and math. Tanzania may be upcoming country in science and technology in Africa also the world, but compared to many other leading and steadily emerging countries, we lack a strong focus on educating scientists and engineers. One significant reason that we have fallen behind is that we do not encourage our female students to pursue career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

One of the important question; why is STEM still a four-letter word to girls? Representing women in technology and science begins with raising girls to become a part of those fields. If you're a woman and belong to the majority of women not employed in a STEM occupation, can you still remember the moment you lost a genuine interest or confidence in those subjects? There is a needs to change, as the lack of women in STEM will continue to plague our country until all students, regardless of sex, have adequate opportunities to explore math and science throughout elementary, secondary and high school. If we want to attract the best and brightest minds into the fields that will move us forward, we must look to all of the population. More female can contribute to our field, and we can help make that happen.

As a country, we should provide absolute positivity about women in the STEM fields and about the scientific capabilities of women in general. This can gain a lot by exposing young girls to STEM fields and encouraging those who are interested to follow their hearts and minds. Simply focusing attention on one age group cannot cure all societal issues that influence career choices among females. Correcting the negative perceptions that girls develop at a young age can, however, lead them to embrace math and science when they reach high school, rather than avoid the subjects. Administrators and educators must strive to create environments in high school and college math and science programs that are inviting to females if we want to prevent the likelihood of their choosing a different direction. As long as young boys and girls are exposed to science and technology and are equally encouraged to study those disciplines, those with talent and a genuine interest in those fields will be able to develop that interest. Science and technology are and will continue to be important factors in what we are able to accomplish in our lifetimes.

In the public school system there is a need of advocating arts and sciences in the education system. The curriculum has unfortunately become very driven by standardized test scores. Schools are often pressured to obtain a certain level of proficiency from their students in specific subjects or skills that fall into the testing categories. While this does serve an overall purpose, it can also be venomous to the students' capacity for creativity and innovation. Advocate for the existence of courses that encourage students to create. Fight for the arts as well as the niche science courses, like architectural work and engineering. If we are fighting for a world with more women in the science fields, we should also fight for a world in which more students are enabled to cultivate these interests at a young age.

All in all the most significant step to accomplish any kind of change in this world is to start the discussion. We know for a fact that the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are achieving remarkable feats. We also know that there are less women contributing to those successes than there are men. Every following generation of women has more of an opportunity to thrive in male-dominated careers and the potential of today's young women is unprecedented. We just need to start recognizing the importance of cultivating their potential. We want to create a world where men and women can equally contribute to technological and scientific advancements not o