Our SHE Codes for Change ‘Web App Development’ Class by

Published On: 17-12-2015

A move is on in the world of tech and education, a push to show students that learning coding is important, fun and maybe not as hard as some may think! Exploring codes is easier today than ever and even students who may not be thinking yet about career paths stand to gain valuable thinking and reasoning skills from learning, practicing and using basic programming skills.

Building a web app is fun, especially when dealing with coding activity. As students explore app design and programming skills, they also intuitively put engineering and technology process in action. With our mentorship program we are quickly learning that young girls are brilliant they also think creatively. They prototype, test, make changes and have fun while doing it. When you know how to tweak the codes, you are at the helm of the program and, with a bit of trial and error, a dash of creativity, and splash of innovation, you can build a program to do exactly what you want it to do. Whether that means creating web apps, making a digital animal dance to songs of your favourite playlist, or sending interactive postcards to a friend.

In just two weeks, young girls participating SHE codes mentorship program have been astonishing enough. They learn so quickly and adopt as fast as one can imagine. These girls are so brilliant; we continuously see them grow as they keep coming up with creative ideas. Learning from what I see with mentorship program is as more as technology and devices become a part of our daily lives. With mentorship programs young girls are getting exposure and encouragement in science and tech fields. Girls can continue to take in more and more in tech fields, passively absorbing new design and develop as many web app as they can. I think everyone should get exposure as these young girls, because it really enables one to really think in a different way. Innovation is a skill one can apply in life in general, learning to code is making our girls creative and confident.