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When speaking of “Mechatronics” put in mind things like robots and automation. Mechatronics is everywhere, mobile devices, laptop, traffic light, medical instruments all over our daily activities. Getting an opportunity to learn mechatronics unlocks creativity and builds confidence in students regardless of age, gender or race. Mechatronics can also be a teaching tool for other subjects, which relates such as physics. With today’s technology, learning it is more entertaining and more manageable. It might be a new word to most of Tanzanians but it’s an existing word around the globe.

After the launching of SHE Codes for Change its now the second week of the mentorship program. According with the program this week is where students choose tracks. Among the three tracks, one of the tracks is mechatronics, am so excited that I had one to one interview with the Facilitator and the students. Our conversation was impressive because I was not one of the student but I found myself learning too. The facilitator had this to say about the program,” I am a tech-expert, but I had never got any opportunity to share what I know with others. This is my first time as I teach students electronics and programming. It was a bit complicated for me to prepare the mentorship work plan to mentor young girls. My first day in class was so enthusiastic because every student was ready to learn . It is encouraging that just in one week all of my students can code, play with electronics and design anything that comes into their minds. They are brilliant in mastering the concept, I believe if we invest in young minds , the future Tanzania will no longer be importing majority of electronics stuffs but will be developed with these girls”.

The talk would not be complete without speaking to the mechatronics students. The students are sharp and confident of anything they encounter. They had to share with me what they think of the program. Evona Evodus had this to say, “I really find the program very interesting since we are taught on how different kinds of invention works and develop things like traffic lights. I am glad that I am able to cope with all I learn from the facilitator, also I have the knowledge of physics I have from school is helping me a lot”

Florence Meena also had this to say too,” The class is so beautiful and very enjoyable, I do understand what is been taught and the facilitator is really cool”. With the conversation I came to realize that nurturing young ones can help them retain the skills in adulthood and definitely guide them well as they will be making their career choice in colleges and universities, because I continue to see the exposure students keep getting and it really does enlighten their career choice aspirations.