Girls Speak Out by

Published On: 17-12-2015

When I travel, I talk to girls in different regions, and when I'm at home, I correspond with girls all over the globe. No matter where they are, one of the things I share with them is what researchers have discovered which often happens to be that girls are growing up in male-dominated societies, which is happens to be worldwide. Many of these researchers are women working in universities who interview and observe groups of girls over time. Even though most studies focus on girls from middle-class families and girls from other economic classes tell me the same things happen to them-but in different ways. Similar studies of more diverse groups of girls are also being conducted now in many countries.

In the meantime, I draw interest on how young girls can be involved in Science, technology, engineering and maths to change the World. Girls' lives have changed a lot over time. In some of the African countries, girls used to have few rights and now they have many. In the past Tanzanian girls couldn't go to college, get jobs opportunity, or even participate in decision making processes. Often the situation depends on the girl's social class, they may officially have rights, but face lessen opportunities to express themselves in the tech world. Most girls silence themselves in the ages of adolescent; where they give up a part of who they are because they think it's necessary to do so to survive. They begin to act like the stereotypes, a false idea of what it means to be female. With SHE Codes for Change girls don’t play the feminine role that is based on the mistaken belief that females are weaker than males. There is a lot of pressure on girls to engage in science, technology, engineering and maths fit this stereotype rather than fight for their unique differences

It's important to know that some girls lose their voice, research also shows that girls are resilient, which means they have the ability to bounce back when something unfair happens. So the lesson is, even if they lose voice, they can get it back. We focused on talking about our personal experiences. We use statistics. There were many problems raised in every society but any patriot can bring up solutions. We have the solution. Our goal at the mentorship program is to find some answers to these problems. After each girl has participated in SHE codes mentorship program, we came together to come up with our plan of action. So many ideas! I think it is also a chance for girls to find hope and meet other girls with the same feelings and thoughts.

There has been such a sharing of ideas and feelings in other aspects but not in the fields of Science and technology. I am very proud to be a part of it. It is helping me to believe that no matter what, we are going to make the future together.