SHE Codes Launching at BUNI Innovation Hub by

Published On: 19-12-2015

It’s such a friendly atmosphere at BUNI Hub, a place where usually different people from different places meet up for the purpose of doing different technology projects. It is different this Saturday, because young and inspired girls from She Codes for Change project are here to officially launch their program, which is aiming at inspiring the young girls to learn more about science and technology.

Smiley faces are everywhere, the girls were curious of what the launch has to offer. The kick-start of the program is cool as the young girls get to meet new faces from SHE Codes and BUNI Innovation Hub personnel. It is great getting to know one another, sharing ideas and interacting about science and technology. The start of the program launch is inspiring with the presentation from different mentors. The interaction made a brief encouragement on how science and technology is important changing the World, especially to girls.

The Founder Abella Bateyunga is over excited, being around young girls because she really does enjoy mentoring young minds. She has taken the stage, introduced everyone from SHE Codes team, with the correspondence of young girls’ smiles and attention she had a word to share; “I didn’t really study any science or tech subjects but I understand the need for inspiring you guys. Am encouraged to see that you have decided to live in a world of science and technology. We need to see the world development in every area with equality of gender, we desire to see most girls in science and technology just as boys are already in it, and together we all play a big role in developing tech industry in Tanzania.”

Also the Co-Founder Rose Funja, described the future plans of SHE Codes project to be the one that will involve; 3 school holiday 4 weeks tech camps, additional school IT clubs and make all girls who have taken part of the program ambassadors for the same, the scaling of the project to other Tanzania regions and Zanzibar as well, and above all, girls project alumni will be paired with Tech mentors from BUNI DIVAS so the learning will continue even after the end of the holiday camps. Also it was a privilege to hear from BUNI DIVAZ , they shared the experience with the young girls. It was remarkable to hear a very well organised and inspirational speech from Maryam, who briefly explained about BUNI DIVAZ as program that inspire ladies to participate ICTs.

After the word from the founders the project Manager of SHE Codes for Change, Jumanne Mtambalike spoke to the girls too. His words were motivating and he gave a brief layout of the program; of which it was very intriguing to see a well though off program that encompasses web application, gaming and making/ mechatronics classes. In his words he said,” Anything you choose in life is crucial; it determines who you want to be. By choosing science and technology, you have chosen the right thing, and at the end of it all, I want you to remember that Knowledge is the only thing left behind when you have forgotten everything.

Just after the speeches, courageous enough young girls had their testimonial to share about the mentorship program and expectation of the future, here is what they had to say; Saida Ally, “I choose Web apps development because it’s fun and entertaining”

Also Salha, a girl from Web App class explained “ My future plan is being Tech Developer, I aim at creating a lot of my own apps that will bring solution to my community.”

Another girl from making and mechatronics class concluded by saying; “ I now understand how games are made, I am going to make my own games too so that to entertain my fellow youth and add to the world of fun, because that’s how I see it now, tech world is so much fun and I am glad am part of SHE Codes project”.

The launching of SHE Codes Project was was as great and very inspiring. I did not just enjoy