Anything teens want to know is right at their fingertips by

Published On: 01-01-2016

As technology seeps into today’s life, many begin to question how healthy is the advancement of technology. These days when talking about technology, most people will certainly mention teenagers. As a matter of facts, some years ago young boys and girls spent their free time outside playing with friends. Unfortunately things are changing. Now, most of young ones stay inside playing video games, socializing, studying and watching movies.

Technology greatly helps a number of people. Some recent technological developments have impacted many aspects of life. Teens use computers constantly for school work, communication, sharing pictures and for entertainment purposes. Computers continue to change the world every day, opening countless opportunities for teens. In some of the schools are now adopting the concept of using computers as others school offers computer classes. Other educators rightfully states that technology has introduced more means of teaching, and simplified ways of gaining resources. Also it has been discovered that most of the students are interested in technological ways of teaching. The use of technology in school helps the student to focus and gain a lot of information and resources through networked devices (internet). They hold an immense amount of information; anything teens want to know is right at their fingertips.

Teens also use the Internet to communicate effectively with others around the world. Social networking websites have mushroomed in popularity over the past several years and now represent a main line of communication for young people. Teens use sites such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter to stay connected with friends, also Whatsapp to engage socially with others or participate in fruitful discussions.

Many technological advances benefit not only teens, but adults, too. Items such as electronic book readers save paper and money. Although the initial cost of this gadget is high, it might compensate about a year savings on book prices. Teens want everything fast and on the go so these electronic books are perfect. They are another way that technology provides us with instant gratification and enhances peoples’ lives. Technology in general has a positive effect on teens. Technology’s benefits far outweigh any drawbacks created by fast, modern gadgets. It gives us a way to relieve stress and escape from reality, improves our tools for learning and helps us communicate with anyone around the world.