Learn by trial and Error by

Published On: 01-01-2016

Over the past few weeks there’s been a lot of discussion about whether girls are getting a fair opportunities as boys do. It’s fantastic that there’s so much focus on gender equality, but most of the discussion bypasses the fact that we still need to get more womankind to succeed in technology. As we look ahead to the next generation, we need to be sure that we nurture girls who believe they can do anything they want to do, and that we foster their interest in math, science, and technology early on.

The discussion conquered my intelligence and I thought there is something big we can do. I thought as the society we need to take a hard look at the way we think and the messages we give to our youngsters. Many of us were brought up to believe that girls “can’t do” hard things academically and professional. Some thought they cannot handle calculations. We need to change this way of thinking, and we need to change it now! Let’s give girls screwdrivers and power tools. Teach them to code. Encourage them to get into science, technology, engineering and math. Math and science are all around, we just need to bring this fact to their attention.

We might have grown up in different era of technology, I know some of friends who used to play physical games at their young age. In fact, technology has advanced. There are so many toys and games that inspire young ones not just to play with them but critical push a thought of making up of their own. It might be seen weird but it’s so helpful when inspired to be a Game App developer by playing Candy Crash, Mario and other games. Also others one can be inspired to become a mechatronics engineer through these games.

Many of today’s youngsters are so over-protected that they miss the opportunity to learn by trial and error. I took a look with the eye of innovation and I thought of how one could be inspired by the use of their power drill. Nothing will get them more interested in of science and technology, engineering and math like the cause and effect of making really things.

Let’s come together and give these young Tanzanians opportunities to use and spend time with science and technology as they master facts and skills. Helping the youngsters and providing them skills of STEM it will be so much easier trough fostering their passion. Not every girl needs to grow up to be an engineer, but let’s help them learn to love technology and feel like they can be whatever they want to be. Together we can make sure that we foster girls’ innate passions and give them the opportunity to succeed.