Graduation Ceremony by

Published On: 11-01-2016

It’s interesting when the premises of Technology changes into laughter, joy and fun. It was the SHE Codes for change; Graduation ceremony at COSTECH. It has been four busy weeks, the She Codes fo

The Ceremony was attended by the parents, SHE Codes for Change team and a representative from US Embassy in Dar-es-Salaam, and received a lot of coverage from media. The great surprise of the day was how the girls were able to share ideas and interact about science and technology. The girls were zealous to present their projects in front of a huge anticipating crowd. The beginning took off with the SHE Codes for Change Project Manager Jumanne Mtambalike, who briefly explained all the hard work that the girls put in to the program. After a word from the Project Manager he welcomed the Founder of SHE Codes for Change - Abella Bateyunga, who was over excited about being around all the young and talented girls who participated. She took some minutes to show the girls and everybody else of their first encounter with her. In short and quote Abella said, “By the end of 2016 December, Rose and I hope to have four times more participants than you are right now. We look towards you as the SHE Codes for Change ambassadors”. Before she welcomed Mariam of BUNI DIVAS, a ladies based innovation hub network, on stage she finished by promising to continue with the mentorship programmes by partnering with Buni Divas. It was remarkable to hear an aspiring speech from Mariam, who briefly explained about BUNI DIVAZ as a program that inspires ladies to participate in ICT (Information Communication Technology). After Mariam’s much appreciated speech, the Director of SHE Codes for Change Rose Funja welcomed to stage one of the representatives of the US Embassy in Dar-es-Salaam represented by David Feldman, Assistant Public Affairs. With a lot of gratitude he appreciated what all the talented participates brought to the table and with this piece of advice, “The United States Embassy in Dar –es-Salaam has a library that provides detailed books on the advancements of technology, I encourage you to register yourselves to be members of it”.

With all of the above happenings, and all very aspiring speeches that encouraged not only the participants but all who attended the graduation, the best was saved for last as now all the participants hard work was about to pay off when they were given a chance to present and showcase what they had worked on. In just four weeks it was incredible to see just how much the girls managed to achieve. There were nine project, grouped among them three were of the project were about finding a solution for health related issues.

SAFF Project, which stands for Safety From Fire, deals with installing the device that lets you know if there’s fire instantly, by sending the message or email to the owner of the house and fire extinguishing companies. Medical Smart Device, MSD, is the student’s project which involved wearing a watch-like device which monitor your body health issues. Keeping the record of your temperature and pressure. Normal it should show colour green if everything is normal in your body but showing red when something is abnormal in your body. SECODE is another project they came up with, which is intended to increase safety from thieves in our homes and offices.

The second group of students came up with another three projects which are Elimu Rika, which is a project that focuses on informing the young girls about the body changes they go through in their adollencesce. The second one is I CAN, which looks at empowering the young ladies into leaders, inspiring growth of their talents and their interests in their studies and hobbies. Why Her, focuses on women diseases, the reason for them and how you can stop them. With their website, seminars and visitation to schools and other organizations would help and serve many women to understand how to deal with them.

The rest of the projects are Leponzo, a very interesting game which has obstacles a person has to jump over, while Word Bay is aiming at improving people’s spelling capabilities by writing letters of the right animals. Lastly, is Space Shooter, which is a game that is aiming shooting extra-terrestrial creatures. Very interesting projects general in a short time.

At the end of the graduation ceremony the Director of SHE Codes for Change Rose Funja with the short presentation about the future of SHE Codes and encouraged the girls to become more active in science and technology. On that note she concluded the ceremony. What a way to inspire girls in Tanzanian community, I am inspired too.