Arusha: Launching of Girls in ICT Tanzania by

She codes
Published On: 18,April 2016

The world is facing advancement of technology. Everyday number of committed

citizens, entrepreneurs, innovators are trying so hard to share and inspire growth in

technology. Tanzania as many as other countries has been facing unique barriers

and challenge of spreading these advancements in a wide spectrum. Few of the

urban people experience change and growth while in rural areas still stay dormant.


According to different statistics reports, we still partake the gap of gender

involvement in technology. Young girls face distinct obstacles in their lives including

the patriarchal system and forms of discrimination as it relates to education and

career paths. Compared with boys of the same age, adolescent girls are considered

more marginalised due to lessened opportunities to help themselves advance in

equal foot with the male counterparts in the tech field.


Universal Communication Service Access Fund (UCSAF) partnering with SHE

Codes For Change have marked a huge solution in Tanzania by providing

knowledge to young passionate girls in ICT. Tanzania Girls in ICT program is

designed to nurture young girls to develop interest in Information and communication

technology (ICT) at early stage of their careers through teaching them basic ICT

skills. The programme is structured in such a way that young girls can build

foundation in basic ICT skills by learning early stage programming skills and work in

teams in small projects.


According to the program, Arusha is marked as the centre of the Northern Zone

which comprises of 4 regions; Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Manyara and Tanga. Every

region is represented by 9 students and 1 teacher. The program took place at the

Institute of Accountancy in Arusha, the best place for technology innovation. The

environment is so friendly, students enjoyed. During the program girls were expected

to be well equipped with a better position to be part of the solution bringers in

problems surrounding themselves and community at large, our project inspires

young Tanzanian girls to make positive contributions to fight the patriarchal system

that is rooted deep in our society and defy the odds. Due to excitement, students and

the teachers had a lot to say about the training; Madam Burreta, from Kilimanjaro

shared her experience, “I have never seen students enjoying the classes as these

classes. I think there should be more of these trainings, to help young female

students develop their skills in ICT.” Not just teachers had that feel even students

too, Devotha Mcharo from Arusha Day, “Though time was not enough, I enjoyed

learning computers at least I know how to use it now”.


In these openings we had a lot of fun though we believe that our young sisters’

participation in these trainings are a pivotal catalyst for development and positive

change in the community and nation at large. All the experience aims to bridge the

gap and ensure the young Tanzanian girls can also stand an equal chance and

prepare them to become successful tech inventors and innovators for change.