The Conjuction by

She codes
Published On: 20,April 2016

Over some weeks we have been on Zonal trainings. It has been a perfect experience

as we learnt a lot form the students and teachers per each zone. Now the time had

come where 30 students over 6 zones will be participating “Girls in ICT” national

event. The National event is designed to excite interest in ICT basic skills and Mobile

applications development. This reflects a growing interest to promote efforts to

young girls in schools to broaden awareness of what it means to 'code', ‘ICT’ and to

help students develop related skills.

The National event is taking place at BUNI Innovation Hub, the coolest place of

technology innovation in town. Every student is excited of what will happen at the

event. Exactly the 5 finalist are going for a trip to Ethiopia. The trainers have already

set up students in teams and now they are wondering who will pitch on behalf of

their teams. On the contrary every student is super cool, it’s hard to pin point the

best immediately, we really don’t know what is going to happen.

Its noon we are at the Universal Communication Service Access Fund (UCSAF) office.

This is a first visit just after arriving in Dar es Salaam, the SHE Codes For Change

team, students, teachers and UCSAF team all in the conference room. Nice

atmosphere, we are getting a warm welcome from Abella Bateyunga the Project

Lead. After a word from her she welcomes the Chief executive Officer of UCSAF Eng.

Peter Ulanga. Wow!! The gentleman was as happy as anybody else in the room and

he seemed so familiar with children games where he started with the mathematics

game. Imagine the game is so interested that student are driven away with the

game, the room is full of smiles and laugher. Immediately after the game Eng. Peter

introduced his UCSAF team as followed by the SHE Codes For Change team, students

and teachers. It was a short great time, Abella stood for a coaching word to the

students. We had one day to prepare for the national event so she encouraged and

congratulated them saying,” You are all winners no matter what, the fact you passed

in the zonal phase to national event you’re a winner” Student were happy filled with

courageous words.

Ohhhh!! I was about to forget, Abella gave us a test before we left the conference

room to pick one of the coolest place we would want to visit in town. The hints were;

Cinemax for movie, Beach or dinner at the Chinesse restarant. This was the hardest

test ever because we wanted to visit all the places but after a brief and open

discussion we decided together as one to go for moviiiiiieeeeeeeeee. Then after all

the busy activities of the day we decided to take off to our camp at Msimbazi centre.