The Walk to Airtel Headquarters by

She codes
Published On: 20,April 2016

It was a great surprize ever for the student and teachers who are participating the program

of Girls in ICT. It was a wonderful industrial visit of the century, Students enjoyed a visit to

the Airtel Headquarters. This was a fantastic opportunity for them to get an insight into the

creative side of one of the country’s leading technology and networking company in

Tanzania. Also getting ideas of how innovation is fundamental in business.


The visit patent objectives of this tour as to provide students with the opportunity to meet

ICT industry professionals and engage in a knowledge sharing session while getting an

orientation to the available career options within the industry. Thirty students including

their teachers were able to witness the working environments at Airtel offices. The

students were addressed on a multitude of topics by the Public Relation Officer, Madam

Dangio Kaniki and her team. It was marvellous as they shared successful stories and we

made tour all around the building. Imagine we got to use advanced phones in market such

like S6…Ohh!! So cool. The visit gave us a glimpse of the future of software industry and

technology advancement. This will be helpful to plan for further needs to suit our

community challenges. In addition, they guided and encourage the students to create and

accomplish their ideas rather than staying with them dominantly.


On our way out, one of our student Rosena Joseph shared a word, "We received valuable

knowledge from the industrial visited and this was my first visit to a technology and

networking company. We were able to get many ideas and learn a lot from them as I wish

to be an innovator. We were informed of the work opportunities available in the IT

industry. I’m very happy that we were able to visit Airtel.


It was really a great opportunity for all of us as we got clear ideas about what the industry

expects from us, where we need to stand and what we need to do to become part of the

leading community of IT/ Software industry. Furthermore, we were impressed by the

young management who gave good impressions and hosted us well.