National Event: Girls in ICT by

She Codes
Published On: 21,April 2016

I have never seen this excitement so recent, full of energy, effort, smile, laughter and joy. It

was the national event for Girls in ICT at COSTECH. The day where we tasted the fruit of

our hard work. Our team have been so busy for over 53 days though busy every stage of the

program has been fun and encouragement.


The Ceremony was attended by the students, teachers, SHE Codes for Change team, UCSAF

team and Executives from the government. The event was special as it received a lot of

coverage from media. The great surprise of the day was how the girls were able to share

ideas and interact about science and technology. The girls were zealous to present their

projects in front of a huge anticipating crowd. The beginning took off with the SHE Codes

for Change Project Manager Jumanne Mtambalike, who briefly explained all the hard work

that the girls put in to the program. After a word from the Project Manager he welcomed

the Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Peter Ulanga who was so excited being around smart girls

who participated in the program from Zonal stage up to National stage. Before he started

welcoming the Executives from the government he wished luck to the students who are

going to pitch on behalf of the team members. The event had number of Executives from

the government offices; Commission of Science, Ministry of Education Tanzania and

Zanzibar and the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Science. It was a honour to listen to

one after another all inspiring girls to not let their dreams perish.


With all of the above happenings, and all very aspiring speeches that encouraged not only

the participants but all who attended the graduation, the best was saved for last as now all

the participants hard work was about to pay off when they were given a chance to present

and showcase what they had worked on. In just a short period of time it was incredible to

see just how much the girls managed to achieve. There were 6 projects, grouped among

according to the zones they were representing. Every project presented had a solution to a

problem in our normal life.


At the end of the graduation ceremony the Chief of Executive of UCSAF, SHE Code Founder

and Project Manager and other government Executives presented certificates of

participation and trophies to the winners. After that it was picture time a lot of flash and

selfies along the hall. The event did not end as we thought it would but students were

anxious to have a tour and their wish was granted.