She Codes For Change program is an initiative looking to nurture young girls to develop interest in technology and engineering at early stage of their careers through basic coding skills.

This is the guide for participant and facilitators of the program. The guide book has been developed to meet the needs and requirements of the program.

Program structure

  • The 1st week of the she-codes program, girls are exposed to the basic coding tools and taught good coding practices.
  • The 2nd Week of the program they are given 3 tracks to choose gaming, apps development or making.
  • The 3rd Week of the program they are encourage to identify small (basic) project to do from the skills they have acquired.
  • After 3 Weeks they will have to pitch their projects in front of parents, trainers and the general public.

Program Tracks

{a}  introduction to Gaming

She Codes For Change program is introducing young girls into basic gaming programming skills.

The course use languages such as python and HTML5 to introduce girls into basic game development. The funny part, girls can play free games online and be inspired to develop their own games from the scratch.

{b} introduction to web apps Development

She Codes For Change program is introducing girls into apps development. The course expose girls into languages such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Girls can develop different kind of apps using the web technologies and other tools.

{c}  introduction to making

She Codes For Change program is introducing young girls into basic electronics and making.

Using languages such as a python and java and working with devices such as Arduino boards, lego kits and others. Girls can also prototype and design different things as part of the course.

Industrial visit

As part of inspiring the young girls, at the end of each week girls will be required to visit; innovation spaces, tech labs (hubs) and makerspaces to learn and be exposed to the communities and mentors.

They can also visit corporate offices to talk with successful ladies in the technology industry and be inspired.

Choosing project

The third week is for choosing projects to work on. Each team from each track will be required to come up with a project from the knowledge they have received for the past 2 weeks.

Girls are encouraged to code for purpose, they will be taught to identify problem and solve those problems using the tools they have learned to use. The projects are very basic. The aim is to create a path for them to advanced one.

Pitching demo day

This is the main day, where girls get a chance to pitch their ideas and showcase what they have been doing to the community.

The winning ideas will get inspiring prizes and mentoring opportunities at the local innovation and technology hubs.