shecodes for change the TEAM Our mission is to expose more girls in Africa to technology at a young age, to amplify impact in the continent and world at large.
We are committed,motivated and fired up to full fill our mission.
Founder Abella Bateyunga Has over 9 years' experience working directlywith national, regional and international communities and organizations focusing on issues to do with Governance, Media and Arts
Co - Founder Godfrey Nyombi He holds a Master's degree of Medical Science in Health Informatics from Karolinska Institute Sweden, focused on effective implementation of Healthcare Technologies in the developing countries.
Co- Founder Rose Funja Rose Funja is an expert in Communication and Information systems, with 5 years experience of working in International Telecommunication projects. She is the director of ICT at the University of Bagamoyo and runs a technology company Agrinfo which focuses on leveraging ICT in Agriculture.
Project Manager JUMANNE MTAMBALIKE Jumanne Mtambalike is an expert on African Innovations, business development and technology entrepreneurship. He is a tech enthusiast, blogger, coach, mentor and community reformer.
Web App Development Trainer Grayson Julius Has more than 5 years experience in tech industry worked as a developer in major projects with the University of Dodoma including UDOM Student Records. He is a front end developer at iPF Softwares.
Electronics & Making Trainer Rahim Mngwaya Has over 3 years working on electronics and programming. Currently he is working at Buni Innovation Hub where he works directly with entrepreneurship experts to help nourish Tanzanian startups.
Game Development Trainer Japhet Mnyetta Has two years experience working with different companies in computer programming and networking, he is more passionate in developing computer games.
Imagine the power to influence a young girl's mind to develop innovative technological ideas for community change placed in your hands, will you take it? I just did. -Abella Bateyunga