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Exposing young girls
to STEAM careers
& amplifying their
impact in Africa
and the world.


We seek to nurture young girls to develop an interest in STEAM at an early age. We also support female students who are in college and university as well as STEAM teachers

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App Development

With the increase of smartphones usage, smart utility apps to fun and engaging games all over. We introduce our girls to basic application development tools and languages like MIT App Inventor tool then later deep dive them into intermediary and advance languages and tools.

Robotics / IOT

Research shows that girls are good designers and builders. We therefore want to make sure we bring out the builder and creators in our girls and remind them that it's not 'for boys'. We expose young girls to 3D printed robotics like Poppy Humanoid, the use of Raspberry Pi and Hummingbird Robotics Kit.

Arts & Design

We venture into Arts & Design by creating coded embroidery using Turtle Stitch a browser-based educational programming language used to generate patterns for embroidery machines.

Animation & Storytelling

The girls are been exposed to different ways of animating and telling a story from using still photography through applications such as PICPAC to using Scratch programming language. The stories created comprise the element of Data Visualizations so as to magnify the story been told- we create stories that solves.


With games been interactive and engaging why not expose young girls to basic gaming programming skills. Our girls develop fun and entertaining games to educative and solution driven games through the combination of programming languages such as Scratch programming language and tool kits like Makey Makey kit to create interactive games.

On holiday? Join the Girls coding class

Learn HTML, SCRATCH, ROBOTICS, MOBILE APPS DEVELOPMENT,TURTLESTITCH and many other skills with fellow girls across Tanzania regions!

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I'm wondering why I never contacted She Codes For Change sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective field and my daughter excel in Science subjects. Thanks for an amazing experience.
Impact HUB Dar is coming Soon!

We're working hand in hand with the Global Impact Hub to bring the impact hub experience to Tanzania,stay tuned!