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Girls In Ict

An initiative that is looking to nurture young girls in public secondary schools in urban, semi urban and rural schools to develop interest in Information and communication technology (ICT), basic coding and making skills at early stage of their careers. The programme also equips public secondary school teachers with the basic ICT & coding skills. The project covers all zones in Tanzania: Eastern, Southern Highlands, Northern zone, Central Western, Lake zone and Isles.

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Program Curriculum

What you will learn

The programme is structured in way that young girls can build foundation in basic ICT and coding skills by learning early stage programming languages such as MIT App Inventor tool, Scratch programming language and Maker tronics tools such as Arduino. Participants work in teams to as way of encouraging peer to peer learning as they develop group project prototypes. They learn on how to develop mobile application, websites and maker tronics. They also learn on self-development skills, design thinking skills and how to interact with open data portal and visualize data and its inclusion to their projects.

Mobile Development

Participants from all regions and zones developed mobile applications that addressed different issues in the society that address from health, education, unemployment, female genital mutilation, theft to HIV/AIDs and stigmatization.

Maker Tronics

Different tools are used for making such as Poppy Robotics, Makey Makey Kits, Arduino and Raspberry Pi starts kits to develop different projects prototypes.

Website Development

Through the use of introductory languages such as HTML5 and CSS3 participants create websites with 3 to 5 interfaces as prototypes. The websites created are aimed to provide different services to targeted clients.

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Recent Program Activities

The recent Girls in ICT program took place in all 6 zones and 240 students were trained and equipped with basic ICT skills and coding skills and 30 teachers were also trained.

International: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - AU premises

National Training Competitions

Central Zone

Eastern Zone


Nothern Zone

Lake Zone

Southern Highlands

Program Partners