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Holiday Camps

The holiday camps are learning bootcamps that are planned in such a way that they intersect with the school holidays. They normally have a duration of one to two weeks and focus on providing young girls with programming and ICT skills. Together with that the participants also get mentored on career guidance, personal development and projects. The holiday programmes can also be runned in partnership with other stakeholders or under consultancy bases.

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Program Curriculum

What you will learn

The bootcamps are initiated in thematic modules that run for a week or more than a week. The learning is divided into technical and non- technical component and participants get to interact with the technical modules in two levels entry and intermediary. Participants deep dive and create impactful prototypes, the technical learning tracks range from Web development, Animation series and data driven Storytelling, Coded Embroidery, Games, Robotics and Internet of Things, Fashion and Art and Maker Tronics. The non technical is mentorship on career, learn design thinking and other skills such as Data Visualization and Presentation skills and SDG’s, Human Rights and Financial Literacy.

Gaming, Robotics & IOT, Animation and Fashion & Arts

Participants create projects on the the thematic areas of Gaming, Coded Embroidery, Animation, Robotics & IOT and Fashion and Arts after the two week that tackled and addressed various societal challenges. At the end of the two projects were showcased.

Coded Embroidery

Participants learn on how to create coded embroidery partners using Turtle Stitch platform. Turtlestitch is based on a browser-based educational programming language (Snap!) to generate patterns for embroidery machines. It is easy to use, requiring no prior knowledge in programming, yet powerful in creating nowels patterns for embroidery. She Codes for Change also uses the platform not only to teach coded embroidery but also to inspire young girls to like mathematics, as well as expose and engage them on the fun side of mathematics and to express themselves through patterns. We Wear What We Code!

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Recent Program Activities

African Girls Can Code Initiative(AGCCI) was held in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. AGCCI is an initiative implemented by ITU, UN Women and the African Union Commission, and is designed to expose and equip young girls with digital literacy, coding, making and personal development skills. She Codes for Change participated as Lead Trainer that coordinated other trainers and developed the AGCCI curriculum. The Coding camp run for two weeks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and had 98 participants from 31 countries all over Africa.

African Girls Can Code Initiative Camp in Ethiopia

Program Partners